Save, Remix, and Share your favorite recipes

All your recipes in one place.

Import from anywhere. Websites, cookbooks, recipe cards, and more!

Remix recipes to perfect them as you go.

Always know where you started with your history tab. Your recipes are special because you make them. You tweak them, make them again, and perfect the dish. The journey is as important as the amazing meal in front of you, and PlateZero captures that rich history.

Share your recipes

Share recipes easily with friends and family, so they can try out their favorites on their own!

Hi 👋,

We made PlateZero since we were frustrated about not having a great place to keep our favorite recipes. It needed to be available everywhere. It had to show our recipes in a consistent format. And we needed to be able to add recipes from any source. PlateZero is our home for all our recipes, and we hope it becomes your home too!

Ben, Ethan, Katie

Great Features

  • Update every recipe.
  • Powerful search.
  • Add recipes from any source.
  • Automagic picture recognition.